How to Build a Brand Pro-Tip: Be Repetitive

A core goal of brand building is to achieve recall from your customers when they are in the market for your products. In other words, you want to be memorable. What’s one highly effective way to become memorable? Repeat yourself over and over again.

While we don’t know everything about memory, we do know that repetition improves it. Think back to your flashcard days—how many times did you have to look at those cards to remember the information?

If you think you’re being overly repetitive, chances are you’re not even close. Of course, you feel like you’re being repetitive because you have tunnel vision regarding everything you do for your brand. But do you really think your target customers are noticing even 10% of what you’re doing? Probably not.

So, who are you? What is your brand promise? How can you repeat and slightly refine that message over and over? That is the challenge you should extend to your brand and marketing teams.

Case Study: Apple’s iPhone

Apple has been selling us the SAME PRODUCT with the SAME VALUE PROPOSITION for 15 years.

Keep it simple. Repeat.

Keep it simple. Repeat.

Keep it simple. Repeat.

See what I did there? 😉

Happy brand building!