A brand, marketing, and growth consulting firm.

“It is better to have the philosophy of thinking more than your competitors than spending more than them”.

— David Ogilvy 

Let’s think together.


Anhalt Advertising is a brand, marketing, and growth consulting firm specializing in consumer brands. Joe Anhalt is the founder and lead consultant. He works with all clients directly. 

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Joe Anhalt is a seasoned full-stack marketer boasting over 13 years of expertise across various consumer brands. Joe serves as the Executive Consultant at Anhalt Advertising, working directly with each brand, acting as a fractional CMO, and overseeing brand and performance marketing while collaborating closely with finance teams to optimize profitability.

His prior tenure as Vice President of Marketing at Koio, a luxury footwear brand, was marked by remarkable achievements, including a 10X revenue growth and 65% CAGR over five years. He led successful initiatives such as website redesigns, product line launches, and strategic collaborations with industry figures, garnering significant media attention. Joe’s career trajectory showcases his adeptness in team management, strategic planning, and execution, underscored by his proficiency in various marketing tools and platforms.

Joe holds a B.A. in Marketing and Advertising from DePaul University and maintains an active online presence through LinkedIn and his personal website, JOEFROMNORMAL.COM.

Joe lives full-time with his wife in Brooklyn, NY. In his free time, he cooks, hosts friends/family, reads, goes to movies/plays/museums/new restaurants/the park, plays basketball, and checks the flight radar app too frequently. He is originally from Normal, IL.


We act as your in-house marketing leadership by building best practices, dialing in your brand/positioning whitespace, and perhaps most importantly, helping you decide what NOT to do. Some examples of client work include:

  • Channel-mix and budget allocation strategy
  • Brand book and strategic whitespace positioning
  • Brand campaign production and execution
  • Marketing/Ecommerce P&L ownership and optimization
  • CRO prioritizing and project management
  • 3rd-party agency management


Larger scope? Need hands-on execution support? That’s where our A+ partners come into play. We have vetted and worked with these partners for years and can make introductions when needed.

DigitalSuits — Web development (Shopify+ partner)

Infinity Media LA — Paid social and Google Ad Words

AMB Interactive — Email and SMS (Klaviyo master elite partner)  


Weston Jon Boucher


Hyou Fine Jewelry

Palermo House



Sunday Golf



Joe added a ton of value to our branding and paid marketing efforts in a very short amount of time. Joe created and improved nearly all of our marketing processes and aligned the team on a shared vision. He’s a true team player that will bring the best out of your team and can also bring on the missing pieces to really drive results. Thank you for everything Joe!

Marco Ferro, Co-Founder of Palermo House

Joe’s assistance was invaluable, not only in the realm of paid performance marketing but also in providing comprehensive insights and guidance across the broader spectrum of marketing.

Ronan Galvin, Co-Founder and CEO of Sunday Golf

Joe provided us with the latest industry insights in eCommerce. His analytical abilities allowed us to gain accurate and actionable insights, leading to effective marketing strategies. One of Joe’s greatest strengths lies in his extensive network of marketing agencies and professionals. He went above and beyond to connect us with talented individuals and agencies, resulting in fruitful collaborations that significantly impacted our marketing efforts.

Ted Li, Co-Founder and CMO of Velotric


Joe joined the popular DTC Podcast Ecommcerce Conversations to discuss the delicate balance between growth, marketing, and brand marketing. Enjoy!

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