An Underutilized and Underappreciated Brand Strategy: The Talking Head Video

Why don’t more entrepreneurs showcase their expertise? Why don’t more of them directly engage with customers and communicate? I’m not referring to an email from the founder, a podcast, or an on-air interview; I’m talking about the old-fashioned yet effective strategy—the talking head video.

Why Talking Head Videos Perform So Well:

Humans love looking at each other’s faces; it’s how we build emotional connections and trust. Be more human!

  • You can pick up on non-verbal communication.
  • The voice and tone of the speaker convey much more than just the words they say.
  • Humans are naturally drawn to stories and a talking head video prompts our brains into story mode.

Not Just for Content Creators:

Launching a new product or promotion? Testing a new ad format? Trying to optimize your PDP with customer reviews? Why not experiment with a talking head video?

Speaking of Content Creators:

This emphasis on the power of a talking head video explains why TikTok is successful. The majority of the content is talking head material. They speak directly to you, share a story, and connect on a human level. Let’s be more human.

Other Benefits of a Talking Head Video:

  • Low production costs.
  • Low time commitment.
  • Lower stakes to get it 100% right. If you make a mistake, acknowledge it in the next video, and the audience will forgive you.